Three Small Cars to Check out Today

For some car buyers, small cars are just the ticket. Instead of having tons of storage space and extensive passenger seating available, they prefer to leave a small footprint, focus on responsible fuel consumption and pride themselves on fitting in the smallest of parking spaces in areas where parking comes at a premium. The car world offers plenty of small cars for buyers to consider and you can research them all at Here are three new models to hit the road in 2018 that you should check out today.


The Volkswagen Golf was first introduced to the car wold in the mid 1970s. A lot has changed since then but what's remained central to Golf's mission is providing drivers as much as possible in a compact package. The 2018 modela look world's different than their 70s era predecessors and are considered part of the car company's seventh generation Golf lineup. The newest models offer driving practicality and predictability. There are several trim packages from which buyers can choose and a convenient hatchback with ample storage space is the icing on the cae for all.


The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular small cars for decades. Like the Volkwagen Golf, consumers got their first glimpse of the Civic in the 1970s. The model is currently in its 10th generation and offers buyers brand new interior and exterior designs. Interior highlights of the new Civic include a seven-inch touch screen and great gas mileage is always a given with Honda.


The Mazda 3 has a much shorter history than the Golf or Civic, but the car company has improved on a lot in a very short time. This small car was first introduced in the early 2000 and is currently in its third generation. The redesign features a hybrid option for the ultimate fuel economy and the price tag makes it an affordable option for practically any budget. Learn more about the Mazda 3 improvements at